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MyScript Stylus Mobile is not an application, but an input method, and therefore works as a service. Here is how you choose it as the default input method:
1. Activate in the device settings:
"Settings/Language & input/Configure input methods". Check the Stylus Mobile box.

2. Select it as the default input method:
"Settings/Language & input/Current input method"

MyScript Stylus Mobile is now set as your default input method and will be triggered as soon as you tap on a text editable area.

You can download MyScript Stylus Beta for free on the Google Play Store but it is a time limited copy: GooglePlay

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About 3.3 this release:

1. Ability to retrieve the content of the text field in the writing area

2. New recognition languages (Afrikaans, Albanian, Belarussian, Flemish-Belgium, German-Austria, Irish, Macedonian, Mongolian, Tatar)

3. More efficient mode to enter your password using character by character interface (requires to update languages)

4. Recognition engine improvements enabling better accuracy

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