NEBO ANDROID PREVIEW: Transfer your data to NEBO paid app


Nebo Android has been published! (September 2017)

If you used the Preview version, please be aware that it will no longer be updated, you may see this warning:

If you would like to benefit from Nebo updates and keep your notes, you can transfer them using either of these 2 methods:

1) Automatically, with DROPBOX:

- Sync your notebooks from the Preview version to Dropbox

- Install Nebo paid version and set up your Dropbox account

- When you sync from Nebo, it will automatically retrieve the notebooks you synced from Nebo Preview

- (Once your notes are restored in Nebo), remove Nebo preview from your device

2) Manually, using Export:

- Export each notebook you would like to transfer as .nebo file on save them on your device

- From Nebo, import the notebooks you exported from Nebo Preview

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