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MyScript Studio/MyScript for Livescribe desktop applications for MAC or Windows- Where is my activation code?
These applications are not available any more: A MyScript activation code is used to activate the application on a particular machine, either directly via Inte
Article rated 2.2/5.0
Activate MyScript desktop application with activation code
Once you have your activation code (10 characters), you have to unlock your desktop application: Myscript Studio, MyScript Stylus or MyScript for Livescribe. - Download & install the software from...
Article rated 2.9/5.0
How many times can I activate MyScript Studio/MyScript for LiveScribe?
Regarding MyScript Studio, MyScript for Livescribe, a MyScript license is only for one machine. This is stipulated in the Sales Terms on our webstore, and also mentioned in the License Agreement that ...
Article rated 2.9/5.0
I need to send an offline request - how does that work?
If online activation fails, you need to send an offline request for a license file... Version 1.0/1.1 or for Stylus desktop application: * If for any reason you cannot activate via the Internet direc...
Article rated 2.7/5.0
I received a license file - what do I do now?
You received a license file to activate your application directly on your computer. Version 1.0/1.1 You receive a mail with "license.txt" as attachment: Save it on your dis
Article rated 2.4/5.0
prompted for activation all the time: save manually the license file
On some system, importation of license file is not working, and even if activation have been done, each time you start MyScript Studio / MyScript for Livescribe or MyScript Stylus you will be prompted...
Article rated 3.5/5.0
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