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What is MyScript Nebo?
Nebo is a note-taking application, which specificity is to convert handwriting into digital text. No more retyping from the original note into a document. Write titles, paragraphs, and lists,
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About Nebo Update - February 2017
This is another major update with new features and based on our latest core technology version! It requires data migration. When opening the new version, you will see the following screen, please wait...
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About Nebo Update - December 2016
Nebo Windows and iOS has been updated on the stores in December 2016 This is a major update with new features and based on our latest core technology version! It requires data migration and languages...
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How can I share my notes written in Nebo?
MyScript Nebo enables you to export your notes in different ways. View as html document to display it in any web browser, export as text and share it per e-mail*. You can also export to Word. On iOS, ...
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Do I need a stylus to write in Nebo?
You do! MyScript Nebo has been designed to work on touchscreen devices with active pens only. On Windows, we recommend using devices like Surface pro with the Surface pen.
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Do I need to learn a special way of writing to use Nebo?
As any other application using MyScript technology, just take your notes on the screen to create your document. You don’t need to learn a special way to write, simply write naturally on the guid...
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Can Nebo recognize mathematical equations and diagrams?
Nebo allows to write equations and create diagrams. Select the 'Add' menu or double tap with your finger then choose 'Math' or 'Diagram':
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Does Nebo have the same features regardless of the platform?
Nebo iOS and Windows versions are similar except for export&nb
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Can I upgrade from Smart Note to Nebo?
Unfortunately, no. Nebo is built on a architecture that benefits from MyScript's latest technology innovation: MyScript Interactive Ink. This brand new application offers no upgrade from previous note...
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What are the devices currently supported by Nebo?
Nebo is compatible with the following operating systems and has the following requirements: Android devices:
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Why do I need an active pen and/or can't run the tutorial?
Some devices may match the criterions but may show a warning message regarding 'Read only mode'. Without active pen, you will be able to import notebooks in Read only mode.
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What are the supported languages for text recognition?
58 languages are currently supported by Nebo
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What is the difference between MyScript Nebo and MyScript Smart Note?
Nebo is based on a new concept: MyScript Interactive Ink! It aims at creating formatted documents and offering the same user experience and the same main features on both iOS and Windows platforms. ...
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Can I import and annotate PDF files?
Nebo does not allow you to import PDF files.You can add existing pictures from your gallery or take new pictures using your camera and annotate them.
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How can I synchronize my notes between devices?
  Nebo first version does not allow to sync notes between different devices, but we plan to add this feature in the future.  As there is no cloud service available, please note that your not
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Can I write with my Bluetooth pen: (Adonit, Wacom, etc.)?
Nebo has been designed to be used with an active pen as it offers less lag or delay and most often provide a more accurate ink location experience. The Apple Pencil is currently the only Bluetooth pen...
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How can I organize my notebooks?
Nebo offers a DMS “Document Management System” that allows you to organize your notes in folders, notebooks and pages.
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Does Nebo offer palm rejection?
Nebo detects your active pen and provides the device's palm rejection.This is the reason why Nebo has been designed to be used with a touchscreen device and an active pen.
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Are you planning a version of Nebo for Android tablets?
With the iOS and Windows versions Nebo is multiplatform. An Android version is planned.
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Can I use the keyboard to write inside Nebo?
Nebo has been designed to be used with an active pen, to reproduce the experience you get when you write on paper with a pen. Besides, writing an equation or drawing a diagr
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Why do I need to register on MyScript?
Nebo is in constant evolution to offer new functionalities. By registering, our users will be informed of the latest major releases and will benefit from new features.
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Will my personal data be used for marketing purposes?
Personal data will be used only for communication on Nebo updates and related information and not used by other companies.
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